50 Cent Explains How To Overcome Your Fears

If there is one person we would want to sit down to talk about overcoming fear with, it would definitely be 50 Cent.

First of all, the guy survived the drug-dealing days of the 80s and a beef with a major drug crew (The Supreme Team), which left him shot nine times.

That’s enough to make any man live in fear for the rest of his life.
Physical violence aside, 50 also has a different kind of bravery when it comes to the entertainment business.
A lot of artists suffer from the fear of success, which can paralyze their career.
Other artists suffer from more subtle forms of fear, like being scared to make a big career change, signing that huge deal, or simply getting on stage and performing in front of thousands of people.
50, who recently inked a huge deal with Starz thanks to the success of his show “Power,” also has a deal in place with BET for his new comedy “50 Central.”
It would seem like these deals would present conflicts of interest for both of the competing TV businesses, but somehow, 50 managed to put a deal in place to his favor.
50 even managed to get the CEO of BET, Debra Lee, to pose hogtied in a chair.

“I think I have the same emotions everyone else has. I just have a way to suppress those feelings in different circumstances in situations. I can kind of adjust.” – 50 Cent

Take a look at the rest of 50 Cent’s keys to being fearless.