Snoop Dogg Gives 21 Savage Advice On Investing

21 Savage dropped by GGN with Snoop Dogg recently promoting his album and hit single “Bank Account.”
Although the opportunity came about as an outlet for promoting his music, Savage also got an opportunity to learn a bit of the game from a Hip-Hop legend.
“You gotta get yo feet wet,” The Doggfather told 21 Savage.
21 responded, “I can’t wait to get my feet wet!”
21 described what it was like making it out of a tough upbringing in Atlanta and becoming successful in the music industry felt like and he also shared what it takes for aspiring artistic peers to do the same.

“You gotta really be chosen. So many people that I grew up with rap, but it don’t work for everybody. It’s more than one way to get out.” – 21 Savage

“If the people don’t look at you like you a star it ain’t gonna work,” 21 Savage explained.
Uncle Snoop was able to drop a couple of gems on the young rapper as well. One notable piece of input Uncle Snoop gave 21 was “when you get your first piece of money buy you a studio.”

“Don’t buy no gold chain, don’t buy no house, don’t buy no cars. Buy you a studio, because a studio is what’s always gonna keep you around and keep you alive. Invest in you.” – Snoop Dogg

This jewel was bestowed upon Snoop by none other than Jimmy Iovine, the legendary Interscope Records executive.
Snoop goes on to let 21 know that he won’t really know he’s made it until he starts bagging famous white actresses, which 21 has kinda done with Amber Rose.
21 Savage then lets everyone in on the fact that he has a passion for R&B music and the two show genuine appreciation for one another’s musical taste. They both agree it is a must to get away from the hardcore lyrics they both create and listen to some “normal” stuff from time to time.
21 surprisingly said he does not listen to hip-hop but only R&B music. Some favorites he mentions are Xscape, Keith Sweat, R. Kelly, and Brandy.
In true GGN tradition 21 Savage was asked: “if he had a superpower what would it be?”
21 simply replied, “Make Money.”
Lol, through a couple of jokes Unk made it clear young Savage is well on his way to doing that without any help of superhuman abilities.