Chance the Rapper's Tax Speech To Students Right On Time

Hip-Hop star Chance the Rapper surprised students at Clark High School with a boatload of cash.
Chance teamed with the company Jewel-Osco, who made a $1 million donation to his New Chance Arts & Literature Fund, which will help distribute the money to students at Clark High.
During a surprise ceremony, Chance took the time to talk to the students about a hot-button issue – taxes.

“You guys don’t receive the same benefits that a lot of other people do, and your parents pay the same money into the same government taxes,” Chance the Rapper to students at Clark High School.

Chance is definitely putting the students on to game.
Recently, a treasure trove of documents known as the Paradise papers hit the internet.
The leaked documents show the secretive world of offshore financing.
The papers have caused worldwide outrage, after prominent figures like Wilbur Ross, U2’s frontman Bono, and even Nelson Mandela were shown to have secretive businesses operating under questionable circumstances.
And, it just so happens students have been recently surprised to find out their colleges or universities held offshore undeclared businesses.
Universities like Rutgers, Boston University, Northeastern, and Tufts Princeton and Howard
“The wealth is concentrated in a small group of schools, tilting toward private institutions like those in the Ivy League and other highly selective colleges. About 11 percent of higher-education institutions in the United States hold 74 percent of the money, according to an analysis in 2015 by the Congressional Research Service.” – The New York Times
The offshore network has allowed trillions in dollars to be sucked out of economies around the world, and into the pockets of corrupt governments, oligarchs, multinational corporations and the 1% who has more money than the rest of all of us combined.
“These are people and things that have a big impact on your lives and how you’re educated,” Chance said.
Take a look at some of the universities that were included in the Paradise Papers.