Killer Mike Has Big Plans For SWAG In 2018

Killer Mike is a lot of things.

He’s recognized around the world as one of the dopest MC’S, as a solo artist and with his critically acclaimed group, Run The Jewels with El-P.

Here in the United States, Killer Mike is active on the political front, hobnobbing with powerful figures Like Bernie Sanders, while endorsing Atlanta mayoral candidate Vincent Fort.
Killer Mike is also a successful entrepreneur.
He’s managed to navigate the rough waters of the music industry for over 18 years while remaining fiercely independent.
So it’s no surprise Killer Mike owns a successful franchise of barber shops in Atlanta called SWAG Barbershops.
Mike owns the business with his wife Shana Render and they already operate a successful shop on Edgewood Ave in the city.
The shop, which is an acronym for Shave, Wash, and Groom, was an immediate success.
So much so, that Killer Mike was able to open up a second location inside of the Phillips Arena, where the Atlanta Hawks play.
The new SWAG Barbershop in the Philips Arena is scheduled to open in summer of 2018.
Check out the video below to get the inside scoop on where the third location will be opening.