Boosie Hopes To Make Billions With "BDP" Male Enhancement Pills

Boosie is planning to go very “hard” on his new business.
The rapper dropped by “The Madd Hatta Morning Show,” where he revealed he was getting into the sex pill business.
Boosie, who already has a successful career as an entrepreneur in real estate outside of his music career, wants to help his male fans reach their maximum performance with the ladies.
The legendary Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper, who has sold millions of records, hopes to recreate his success in the music game, by selling pills to help men with their sexual functionality.
“I’m trying to deal with big boys. We are going to call them BDP aka Bad Ass “ummm [presumably dick?]’ pills. If you got three girls it’s going to help you, it’s going to make you stand strong,” according to Boosie.
Boosie could be on to something if he is successful, since the male enhancement market pulls in over $2 billion dollars annually.
“I’m finna to be the Black Viagra man. They think sex pills are for old people. What about the guys who are 27, 28 years-old that’s stars that’s having four or five women at a time a night? They need help. So the BDP’s, that’s what that’s going to do,” Lil Boosie promised.