Lil B – The Neuroscientist?

Bay Area rap legend Lil B may have never finished high school, but he has his sights set on college anyway.
According to Lil B, he wants to go back to school to take up neuroscience.
“What university whats (sic) to let Lil B come learn at your institution?” the rapper tweeted. “I’m very interested in science and bio and also nuero (sic) science. I want to offer more to the American people and globally as well as animals.”
Several institutions of higher learning were interested in having Lil B at their school.
A slew of colleges have replied, including LSU, Butler, the University of South Carolina, the University of Texas at Arlington, Indiana University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
However, most of the institutions are willing to help Lil B, even though he does not have a high school diploma or a GED.

“Give me a call …” University of Memphis President David Rudd tweeted to Lil B. “Happy to discuss pathways to a university degree even if it’s not at the University of Memphis.”

University of Memphis President David Rudd also offered up some advice to Lil B so he didn’t get discouraged with his replies.
“Some paths lead unexpected directions. And great places. One thing is certain, there’s always a path to a goal,” University of Memphis President David Rudd said.