NBA Star Baron Davis Explains Why He Started The BlackSanta Company

NBA All-Star Baron Davis’ BlackSanta Company just dropped their first “Winter Wonderland Mixtape.”

Baron launched The BlackSanta Company to create positive, uplifting, and enchanting content for all ages.

The compilation highlights the BlackSanta Company’s colorful roster of Holiday-themed characters, with each character featuring on songs inspired by music greats.

“Let us take the time to bless someone whenever we can, and through our good deeds, inclusion, and positivity, bring a little magic back to a world in need.” – Baron Davis

The mixtape was produced by Baron Davis and TITLE 9 Inc., with associate producers Andre ‘Dre’ Harris, Triangle Park Music and DUO, and mastered by Chris Gehringer, Sterling Sound, NY. A&R’s for the project include Carmen Murray, Jennifer Duke, and Michael Michel.
Baron explained three key reasons why he put up his own money to launch The Black Santa company.

He’s Thankful

Giving Is Key

In my life, especially given where I started, I have been unbelievably blessed with all I now have.

It’s A Daily Operation

My desire going forward is to be a BlackSanta each day and give just as much back as I have received.

It’s my greatest dream to see that spirit, the true spirit of Christmas, inspire people all year round to give of themselves to better their block, their community, and possibly the entire planet.

Check out The BlackSanta Winter Wonderland Mixtape Track List and get it here.
1. “It’s Cold Out Here” – Chilly The Polar Bear
2. “Mrs. C” –Cecilia Lee Nicholson
3. “4 The Bag” –Fire and Ice
4. “Froze” –The Three Snowmen
5. “All I Want” –Autumn
6. “Christmas Wave” –Wave
7. “Below The Ice“–Professor Penguin
8. “Don’t Wait For Christmas” – Big Kev Ft. The Elfington Band 9. “Better At Christmas” –The Three Snow Women
10. “On The Go When He Says Ho” –The Sleigh Dogs
11. “Snow Falls” –The Snowgirls
12. “Don’t Come For The Sled” – Neil The Navy Seal
13. “Joyful” –Flurry The Snowflake, Stella The Star, Misty The Mistletoe 14. “Blue Skies” –Dr. Ira Shoemaker
15. “Holiday Work” –The Elfingtons