Your Local College May Be Fastest Path To A Record Deal

Upstart rappers may want to consider forgetting about signing to a major record label.

And, why take the independent route to a deal when there is probably a budding record label right in your own city?

One path to a deal to think about is with your local college.
Student-run hip-hop labels are popping up on campuses all over the country.
Universities like Drexel (Mad Dragon Records), Syracuse (Marshall Street Records) and Delaware State University (Class Records) all have student-run record labels, where pupils learn the ins-and-outs of the music industry, from marketing and promotion to manufacturing and distribution.
The University of Texas at Austin is the latest institution to launch a record label.
Four students at UofT Austin took it upon themselves to launch UTalent Records. The label was founded by Maria Tangarova, who is a sophomore studying business at UofT Austin.

“We actually help them with their production. We give them advice, we connect them with different professionals, so it’s got kind of a different aspect to it,” said Maria Tangarova.

Finding artists for UTalent Records was not difficult, since Austin is known around the world as a music-friendly town.
The fledgling label has already signed seven artists to the imprint.
“A major untapped scene in the music industry comes from young college kids who are just trying to get their foot in the door,” said Madison Mohns, marketing director with UTalent Records.