Drake's Ex-Girl Sophie B. Is More Than A Big Butt and A Smile

Over the past two months, two different women have come forward to claim that Drake is their babys’ daddy.

In April, an Instagram model named Layla Lace came forward to claim that Drake was pressuring her into having an abortion, and then he went radio silent on her.
While Drake’s reps shot down that report, a second woman named Sophie B. seems to have a bit more credibility when she also came forward with claims that Drake knocked her up and ran off.
Rap star Pusha T brought the issue into the spotlight again, with his new freestyle diss “The Story Of Adidon.”
In an interesting plot twist though, Drake actually replied to Sophie Brussaux’s claims, after numerous photos of the pair surfaced on the Internet.
Sophie also happens to be a retired porn star who went by the name Rosee Divine. Sophie seems to have the only quality Drake looks for in a woman – a big old fat ass.
According to Drake’s rep, the baby could be his or another rapper’s kid, but either way, the news has been a publicity windfall for Sophie B., who could be carrying the kid of the most famous rapper on earth.
In an instant, the news that Sophie B., 27, may be carrying Drake’s baby completely overshadowed her other artistic talents.
Prior to her connection to Drake and after her porn career as Rosee Divine, Sophie had traveled around Europe to exhibit her paintings in cities like Paris, Bordeaux, New York, and London.


“In a digital era where social media and communication reign, where love and money are often at conflict, where opportunity corrupts morals and intentions… it is not easy to be a woman.” – Sophie B.

Sophie B., who was born and raised in France, decided to transition out of porn, to focus on making a difference in the world through her paintings, which she describes as a mix of surrealism and symbolism with influences of pop art.”
Sophie B. showcases some of her more interesting paintings over on her tumbler page. Her art ranges from provocative, to political.
Take a look:


This was probably Drake’s favorite: