Queen Latifah's Alliance With Strayer Could Take The University To The Next Level

Queen Latifah has announced a new alliance with Strayer University to assist students to develop the skills they need to make it in the real world.
Queen Latifah will work with Strayer to inspire the students and guide Strayer in building and producing confidence-building coursework.

“I’m thrilled to partner with Strayer University to help their students succeed. Strayer has been helping busy working adults go back to school for over 125 years and I’m honored to add to that legacy and support the students who are working so hard to further their careers.” – Queen Latifah.

Queen Latifah will be featured in two different programs.
The first is in an 11-week online course that concentrates on instituting two fundamental characteristics for advancement in any trade: confidence and perseverance.
The rap star will also dig into her pocket to co-produce a separate, free “Back to School” with Strayer, which will present students with useful advice and skills all student need to succeed in college.
The partnership will also highlight Strayer University’s innovative approach to online learning, with Strayer Studios.
The portal, which was launched in 2015, emphasizes interactive, cinematic curricula produced by Emmy Award-winning film producers, with episodic, documentary-style films that are applicable and relatable to students.
Reps for Strayer say Strayer Studios has already shown to improve student commitment and resolution.
The alliance will kick off on June 23, when Queen Latifah serves as the keynote speaker at Strayer’s Washington, D.C. commencement ceremony.