From Big Butts To Big Houses: "Baby Got Back" Rapper Sir-Mix-Alot Flips Houses

Anthony Ray is better known as the Grammy award winning rap artist Sir Mix-A-Lot.
The Seattle rapper, who is best known for his love of butts on the track Baby Got Back, also has another love – business and real estate.
Sir Mix-A-Lot will be showcasing his skills during his home renovation special on DIY Network’s “Sir Mix-A-Lot’s House Remix.”
The one-hour show will feature Sir Mix-A-Lot as he buys, transforms and flips a rundown home in his beloved Seattle hometown.

“I’m not just a rapper,” said Sir Mix-A-Lot. “These days, I’m flipping houses. Seattle is my home, and it’s booming. It’s a music city, a tech hub and the hottest real estate market in the country.” – Sir Mix-A-Lot

Sir Mix-A-Lot is not lying.
According to a new report from Trulia, houses in Seattle cell faster than any other houses On the market in the United States with an average listing time of just over 30 days.
That’s almost two months shorter than big cities like New York, where it can take over three months to sell a property.
The demand has led analysts to claim a “real estate gold rush” is currently happening in the city.
During the special, Sir Mix-A-Lot and his construction crew will gut an unsightly split-level into a modern, tech-savvy smart home.
The property value will skyrocket after he opens up the main level, adds a gorgeous kitchen, incorporates two new bathrooms, and creates a spacious downstairs entertainment room.
Using the latest in-home technology to increase energy efficiency, Sir Mix-A-Lot also will install a smart panel that operates everything from the heat/air, lights and window blackout panels.
“Sir Mix-A-Lot’s House Remix” premiers Saturday, June 30, at 8 p.m. ET.