Rick Ross Gives Up Five Really Valuable Tips So You Can Be The Biggest Boss

Last week, Wale made an announcement that he signed with Warner Bros. Records and is no longer an artist signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group.
The news did not sit well with the label’s CEO Rick Ross, who took to Instagram to subliminally diss Wale.
But Rick Ross’ overarching message proved to be way more valuable than any perceived slight to Wale.
And Rick Ross is not one to mince words for a rival, so it was great to see him offer up some gems for his fans on what it takes to be the biggest boss.
Peep game.

No Excuses

“If you watching Ricky Rozay, [in] the biggest house in the fu#king, United States of America, you could be 20 times bigger than me. You just can’t accept no excuses. What you got to tell yourself, is ‘[what would happen] if we woke up early morning, ni##a every day, and said let’s go and get it and I don’t give a f##k what time we go to sleep?”

Everyone Starts at the Bottom

“Everybody start in the mud. Everybody start with a f##king Ultima or a Nissan and that’s a blessing, on some G s##t. I remember when I thought this s##t was the s##t ni##a – it ain’t s##t. You could make that s##t in days work, two days work, when you get to where your dreams are.”

Don’t Be Afraid of Failing

“We don’t got no fear. I don’t care if I fail. Ima try. That’s all you gotta do is try. If you a barber and you cut six heads a day try to make it 12. Try to figure out how you could cut 12 heads a day. Ni##a go out and politic.”


“Teamwork make the dream work. We all need a team I don’t care if it’s just your mama your sister your brother your homies. And when you get a team you best have a team, but you got to be a leader. I don’t care if you to the smallest ni##a on the team. If you the smallest leader on the team and you come into your big homie house and you walking up to the driveway in its leaves in front of the door and all that just get the broom and sweep that s##t off. Show the ni##a your true value.”

Hard Work Is Everything

“I remember the first time I walked in Puff’s crib I said goddamn. F##k. What the f##k. Ni##a got goldfish in the living room and a big table full of green apples. Damn. But I seen that ni##a working hard. I gotta out work this ni##a and that’s what my goal was.”