Here Is How You Can Learn To Use Kanye West To Find Spiritual Happiness, Financial Freedom And Peace

International best-selling author Ash Cash is planning to release a new book entitled “Making Sense of Kanye: A Spiritual Guide to Financial Freedom, Peace, Love, and Happiness.”
The book will tackle the importance of sustaining mental health in one’s race to financial freedom and prosperity.
“Making Sense of Kanye” will launch in August 2018 and will help readers recognize stress triggers and provide spiritual coping tactics to manage stress efficiently.

“If we study Kanye West closely and remove emotional reactions from what he says or does, there are many things we can learn from Donda Wests’ son.” – Ash Cash

Ash Exantus, also known as Ash Cash is one of the leading personal finance experts in the U.S.
Dubbed as the Hip-Hop Financial Motivator, Ash Cash uses a culturally responsive approach in teaching financial empowerment and entrepreneurship.
He is also a best-selling author of six books including the Jay-Z inspired book “The Wake Up Call: Financial Lessons Learned from 444.”
Ash has successfully established himself as a thought leader as well a trusted voice with churches, colleges, Corporate America, community-based organizations and more.
Ash Cash believes Kanye can teach everyone valuable lessons as it relates to mental health, money management and financial trouble.
Using Kanye Wests’ misunderstood wisdom, “Making Sense of Kanye” explores how many of the rapper’s thoughts coincide with “spiritual law” and how we can use these laws to live a well-balanced life regardless of economic status.
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