Ice-T Is Still A Gangster Rapper, But He Has A New Electronic Dance Music Record Label

With artwork evocative of graphic novels and images of extraterrestrial biological entities in their music videos, Ice-T and Mr. X built a record label named Electronic Beat Empire.
EBE is also short for “extraterrestrial biological entities and “The Brutal” is a murderous E.P. of irresistibly catchy, computer-based music.
Ice-T is a rapper, actor and record producer whose influence on American pop culture cannot be understated.
Formerly an edgy and controversial rapper, Ice-T is today perhaps best known for his recurring acting role as Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuoala on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” a syndicated television police drama on which he’s starred since 2000.
The great irony is that Ice-T’s perhaps most notorious early rap song was a collaboration with the band Body Count in 1992 on a track titled, “Cop Killer,” a groove metal and punk-rock song that left an indelible mark on pop culture.

Ice-T’s 1988 song, “Colors,” was the theme song for Dennis Hopper’s gang-based film of the same name. Subsequent albums by Ice-T in the 1980’s cemented his status as one of the West Coast’s most promising voices, with albums like “O.G. Original Gangster” (1991) often cited as one of the key factors in influencing the genre today known as “gangster rap.”

Mixing social commentary with inflammatory lyrics, Ice-T pushed musical boundaries by recording and performing with the heavy metal band, Body Count. Ice-T has achieved multiple Billboard hit singles, including collaborations with heavy metal bands, Black Sabbath and Slayer.

Mr. X has been a fixture on the European techno scene for 15 years. He was, together with Westbam, part of the group known as Mr. X & Mr. Y.
As a DJ and veteran producer, Mr. X real name Afrika Islam, thrilled audiences at now-legendary raves, the Glastonbury Festival, Berlin’s Love Parade, and the seminal Mayday Festivals across Europe.

Nightclubs across the European continent saw Mr. X performing throughout Germany, Poland, Russia and the Czech Republic. The die-hard techno music-lovers of Eastern Europe took a strong liking to Mr. X, affectionately dubbing him, the Machine Gun, the Red Alien, Master and the Hybrid, due to his legendary 50-track DJ sets.
Mainstream media outlets in Europe embraced Mr. X, and he appeared on the British television program, “Top Of The Pops.”
Mr. X is the first major artist signing to the newly launched Electronic Beat Empire record imprint with the first release, “The Brutal E.P.”

The title track, “The Brutal,” is an aggressive tech-house blast of angry synthesizers and acid-house dissonance.

“Killer Die” is a glitchy techno track with body-moving breakbeats and a hard, highly percussive element.

“The Crowdstock” is pure techno with a razor-sharp melody that mercilessly shreds the heavy bassline like shards of broken glass.

“Sitting In Bangkok, Waiting For My Chics” exhibits Far East influences in its minor chords with a tweaky bounce.

“My Ex Girl Took My Money” is a sumptuous, Berlin-inspired tech-house track full of gritty edge and thick 4/4 beats that support expansive, hollow-tubed synths.

“Save It For The Haters” draws on trap and twists this tune around a speedy, double-timed percussion as swaggering as it is hypnotic.