Here Are Three Reasons Why J. Prince Says You Should Find An "OG" And Ditch "IG"

Rap-A-Lot founder J Prince is filled with a wealth of knowledge, after almost 40 years in the music business.
Whether we are talking about the music business or the streets, J Prince is definitely what you would label an OG.
For those who don’t know, an OG is short for an “Original Gangster.”
The term was popularized in the early 1990’s, thanks to West Coast rapper Ice-T and his album of the same name.

Nowadays, the definition of an OG has changed quite a bit.
You don’t have to be a gang banger to an OG. In fact, any older person, male or female, who dispenses valuable knowledge to a younger person can be considered an OG.
Thanks to the rise of social media, and sometimes a lack of parental guidance, young people turn to social media in search of answers and guidance.
And out of all the social media platforms one could turn to for guidance, Instagram is the worst.
According to a study by the Royal Society for Public Health, Snapchat and Instagram present the most negative experience for their users, on a daily basis.

Source: Ian Dooley/Unsplash

Ian Dooley/Unsplash

“Social media has dramatically shifted how we socialize, communicate, and form relationships with each other. Its impact cannot be understated. As we navigate these new digital spaces that have so much to offer, we must be having a conversation about how it can affect our mental health. Because platforms like Instagram and Facebook present highly curated versions of the people we know and the world around us, it is easy for our perspective of reality to become distorted.” – Laci Green, Professional health YouTuber with 1.5 million subscribers

J Prince has been making the rounds, promoting his new book “The Art & Science of Respect.”
The new release is an autobiographical book, filled with wisdom J Prince has collected throughout his legendary career.
During a recent promotional campaign for “The Art & Science of Respect,” J Prince continued to dish out more valuable knowledge, and this time, the Royal Society for Public Health’s study, he focused on the harm social media is causing.
You’ll recall, J Prince may have recently saved Drake’s career, by advising him to back down, after Pusha T used social media to completely disrespect the Toronto rapper.
Drake wisely heeded Jake Prince’s advice and went on to drop his long-awaited album Scorpion and most of his fan base doesn’t even care about the shocking pictures Pusha-T released that went viral, powered mainly by Instagram.
Drake also wrote the forward to “The Art & Science of Respect.”
Here are three smart tips from J Prince on how to get out of your own echo chamber, and away from the negativity of IG and social media.

Unlike Instagram, Not Everything Is Good In The Real World.

You use discernment and intuition. Being able to distinguish that and see through a lot…will help you along your journey. In the real world, every man [and woman] is tested.

Your Legacy Should Be More Than Just A Bunch Of Cool Pictures

Legacy is real important. I believe that every person that died, I mean if they had anything that they wanted to be remembered by, [it is their]it is their name. They don’t want to be forgetton about. That’s all of that, is a part of legacy to not be forgotten about, to do something great, which is why are you here. To be remembered as well.

Don’t Let IG Become Your OG

I think it is important for us to back up off IG to a certain extent and embrace the OG, which is simply some sound wisdom from somebody of substance. Don’t allow IG to become your OG. If you can do that, then I know that other things will connect. Let’s replace these IG’s with the OG’s.