AXE Is Pivoting Into Music With Lil Yachty And Zaytoven

Breaking out in hip-hop is hard. It means countless hours grinding in your basement studio, creating fire beats and perfecting your signature flow.
It’s not just some hardest-working-artist hyperbole, it’s fact.
Lifestyle brand AXE contines to target hip-hop, in a new deal with soundcloud.
Lil Yachty and Zaytoven or helping the brand launch AXE the LABEL.
The new imprint gives emerging rappers and producers an opportunity to co-create with Yachty and Zay and rise from anonymity to stardom.
AXE the LABEL is the newest project from the new AXE Music platform that brings to life a long history of investing in aspiring artists who pour their hearts and souls into expressing themselves through music.

“The old way of coming up in the game is over,” said Lil Yachty. “If you got the talent and the drive, there are ways to get noticed. True music fans are on that platform, cause that’s where the new wave lives. I got on when ‘One Night’ blew up on SoundCloud.” – Lil Yachty

Someone heard my track, used it in a meme and I haven’t looked back. So to continue my partnership with AXE and take it back to SoundCloud is like a homecoming.”
Phase 1 of the contest, which ends on October 28, gives fans a chance to win the first phase of the contest, by submitting their best lyrics for the hook of Lil Yachty’s newest track “Anarchy” using the SoundCloud commenting feature.
One winner will be chosen by Lil Yachty and will receive a co-writing credit on his track.
Phase 2 of the contest, running October 29 – November 16, loops in Grammy-award winning producer Zaytoven.
The producer will share two instrumental tracks, “Gold” and “Phoenix,” giving rappers the opportunity to flow over either track for a chance to win.
Producers can enter to win by using the associated beat and stem packs to create brand-new tracks.
Two rappers and seven producers will be selected by Zaytoven and a panel of music industry insiders to be featured on the playlist.
Winners will receive a production credit on their final collaboration with Zaytoven.
All winners will be announced mid-November to mid-December having earned their spot on the AXE the LABEL playlist on SoundCloud, and receive their very own custom can of AXE Body Spray.