KRS-One Schools Students And Teachers On Global Hip-Hop Business

Rap Legend KRS-One was recently a guest lecturer at Kingston College in the U.K.
KRS-One was on hand to explain to students, the importance of taking hip-hop business definitely serious.
As we all know, hip-hop has grown from a block party in New York City in the Bronx on August 12th, 1973 to a thriving global industry.
The genre of music is responsible for making billions of dollars for companies like Apple, Spotify, Adidas, SoundCloud, while making a variety of rappers rich beyond their wildest dreams.
There is a booming, global hip-hop economy and KRS-One says college students need to pay attention.

“We have a network of global of MCS and DJs that are now raising families, paying mortgages, sending kids to school on hip-hop, so my message to the students and the teachers was, take hip-hop more seriously. People are getting paid in hip-hop. You don’t have to have a record out anymore.” – KRS-One

KRS-One explained that ever since the distribution control once wielded by the record business was broken, entrepreneurs have been able to thrive and in turn, make careers out of being involved in hip-hop culture.