Four Tips To Physically Rewire Your Brain for Savings

When most of us set out to “rewire” our brains, it’s usually done to beat some kind of phobia: anxiety, depression, etc.
But did you know your brain is capable of rewiring itself to achieve almost anything, with the right stimulation?
It sounds like something out of an extra-terrestrial movie, but it’s true: the brain can change its psysical structure and functions.
In addition to getting your emotions in check, you can change your brain to get your bank account under control too.
By setting some simple goals, and following the affirmations below, it is absolutely possible to change the way you think about your money, rewire your brain AND your bank account.

Identify the amount of money you need to save each week, each month, or each paycheck in order to feel successful and secure with your savings plan.

Create a simple affirmation for yourself: ‘I am so happy and grateful for the fact that I am now saving [your identified amount] each [identified time period or pay period].

Read your affirmation every single morning 5-10 times and every single night before you go to bed, again 5-10 times.

Every time you read your affirmation, mentally rehearse checking the numbers on your savings account and watching it grow by the specified amount. See the money going into your account. Feel what it feels like to consistently have your ideal amount of savings building up each week, month, or pay period.
Visualize the impact that a solid savings account will have on your life, your family’s life, your friend’s life, the community that you live in, the charities that you want to support, and so on. Get totally into a mental movie and the emotions as if you were a Hollywood actor or actress pretending that was really happening.”

By: John Assaraf, CEO NeuroGym