Multi-Millionaire Author Vercie Lark Explains How To "Make It Rain"

Money affects all our lives in several different ways, from livelihood to our marriage and children.
That’s why author Vercie Lark wants to help make it easier for people to manage their money with his new guide “Make It Rain: Increase Your Wealth and Financial Security.”
“Make It Rain” is a quick, informative read that helps readers begin to develop strong financial values, habits and goals.
It was written to help readers increase their personal wealth, earn a better living with higher pay and avoid the mistakes millions of people make with their hard-earned money as their life unfolds.
Readers will learn how to avoid the most common mistakes people make with their money and successfully deal with significant financial events such as crises and recessions that every generation seems to experience in one way or another.

“You don’t have to try achieving the American Dream by gambling in casinos, playing the lottery and Powerball or betting on sports. There are steps anyone can take to start on a path to wealth.” – Vercie Lark

Vercie Lark grew up in a family of seven in one of the poorest areas of Dayton, Ohio, where he began his journey to become a multimillionaire.
He earned an electrical engineering degree from Wright State University and secured his first full-time job at Monsanto Research Corporation.
He is a recently retired executive vice president and head of billion-dollar financial services business DST Systems.
Lark has always had passion for giving and a strong desire to help others fulfill their dreams by volunteering his time, mentoring, and donating portions of his family’s wealth to various causes.
He is living proof that the American dream is still alive, and he hopes that Make It Rain helps millions of other Americans achieve their dreams of earning a better living, accumulating more wealth, and retiring financially secure.
Lark hopes reading “Make It Rain” helps people from all financial backgrounds easily and cheaply access the tools and resources needed to learn how to increase their income, how to invest and how to manage their finances.
“Make It Rain: Increase Your Wealth and Financial Security”
by Vercie Lark is Available at the Balboa Press Online Bookstore, Amazon and