Questlove Is Getting It Poppin With His Popcorn Business

This January, iPic members and moviegoers can look forward to elevating their popcorn with Questlove’s new line of Sneakies popcorn seasonings
The new line was developed as part of his Popcorn Collection exclusively for Williams-Sonoma. Now Sneakies will make their debut at iPic Theaters around the country.
To announce the launch, Questlove filmed an on-site “trailer” for his SNEAKIES at iPic Fulton Market in NYC.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved going to the movies. But what’s the movies without popcorn, and what’s popcorn without popcorn flavoring?”- Questlove

Sneakies come in a variety of flavors including Truffle Parm Rosemary, Lemon Pepper and Sunday Morning Cereal.
Available for purchase both in theater and at the iPic Express counter, the trio is sold for $20 and can be enjoyed in-cinema with three small bags of popcorn for guests to sample each flavor, or saved to enjoy from the comfort of home.
Every iPic Premium Plus ticketholder receives a complimentary pillow and blanket along with free popcorn throughout the film – perfect to enjoy the exciting new Sneakies from the comfort of their cinema seats, equipped with a ‘Ninja’ server call button for the ultimate convenience.