Ayesha Curry Gives Some Great Advice To Anyone Trying To Get Started In Business

Ayesha Curry recently launched her new lifestyle and brand website, Homemade.
Together, Ayesha and GoDaddy debuted Homemade to inspire entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and turn their ideas into reality online.
Ayesha’s new brand and website was built by web designer Mehran Azma, using Managed WordPress on GoDaddy. The site showcases her passions and serves as a hub for all of her curated content and business ventures.
Homemade is a place where Ayesha’s fans can browse for anything from her latest recipes, to tips for entertaining, or advice on balancing life as a mompreneur.
It also features, for the first time, all of Ayesha’s products available for purchase in one place.

“The website is everything I envisioned — it’s beautiful, elegant and it empowers me to share my passions with the world. I can’t tell you how gratifying it feels to have an idea in your head, run with it, and then see it materialize into this beautiful place for my fans to gather online.”- Ayesha Curry

GoDaddy also debuted today a new TV commercial featuring Ayesha. It tells the inspirational story of Ayesha realizing her passion for food at a young age and her commitment to turning her entrepreneurial dreams into reality.
Just a few years ago, Ayesha started a YouTube channel as a hobby and way to share her love of cooking. Today, she’s built an online community of more than 7 million followers, is a best-selling author and a highly sought-after TV personality who is the face of today’s modern mompreneur.
“To those entrepreneurs out there who are hesitant to take that first step towards achieving your goals, I hope my story will serve as inspiration to fight through the obstacles and naysayers and share your passions with the world!” added Ayesha.