Vice's New Series Shows What Kind Of "Hustle" It Takes To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

A new TV series by Viceland called “Hustle” was recently released, which follows the journey of inspiring entrepreneurs who are taking their dreams to the next level.
In the most recent episode, John Henry, the young host of “Hustle” who sold his dry cleaning business for $1-million when he was 21 years old, is interviewing, Dan Lok – a 2 times opening TedX speaker, a best-selling author of 13+ books, and YouTube celebrity with over 1.2-million subscribers and 300-million minutes of his videos watched.
John describes Hustle as a show where viewers for the first time ever get to see a what being an entrepreneur is actually about.

“Shark Tank is a great show because you get instant gratification. You pitch, the sharks say yes or no. But in reality, we know that’s not really how business works. Or it is in some moments, but for most of the time you’re building, you’re going through the ups and downs. So we made a show [Hustle] out of that grinding.” – Dan Lok
In their fascinating episode between John and Dan, the conversation went into how to using content to grow a business, advice for investing into real-estate and more.
Most importantly, the newest episode answered focused on a topic relevant to every entrepreneur who wants success. How should a business focus on both short-term sales and long-term brand building at the same time?
“There is a happy middle where you combine the branding but also very effective direct response, human psychology, persuasion? This with this, and then that’s what I did, and I combined the two and it worked,” Dan Lok said.