Mike Tyson's Getting Into eSports With Big Investment In F2K Sports And Huge Streaming Facility

A larger than life legend whose legacy extends well beyond the ring, Mike Tyson has already conquered the physical world of sports: Now, he’s getting involved in the virtual one, too.
The former world heavyweight champion’s company Tyson Ranch (TR) has made a substantial investment in the eSports team Fade 2 Karma (F2K), in a freshly-inked deal.
The explosive popularity of eSports has drawn celebrities, athletes, and industry titans alike into the fold. Will Smith, Drake, Scooter Braun, Steve Aoki, Shaq, Bob Kraft, Jerry Jones and Dan Gilbert (among many others) all own either teams or even leagues.
Founded in June 2015 by Tim Bergmann, F2K has become one of the most successful eSports organizations and is one the top 10 most watched eSports teams on Twitch.tv and Youtube. Over the past four years, F2K has earned a place of esteem among the premier eSports teams in the digital Collectible Card Game Genre.
F2K Sports features star streamers including Alliestrasza, J4ckiechan and Shadybunny with team member Fitzy running for community lead for Overwatch USA National team. Fueled by the mission to grow both their team and community– while providing a fun, positive environment for fans throughout the globe.

“We could not be more excited to partner with F2K,” said Rob Hickman, CEO of Tyson Ranch. “eSport is transforming the way fans and players connect and compete: We are thrilled not only to be entering the category— but to be doing so with one of its most successful, determined and inspiring teams.”

The F2K-TR partnership will include a fully dedicated streaming facility that is currently under construction in El Segundo, California.
Called the “The Ranch House” after TR’s parent company, the state-of-the-art facility will include private streaming rooms; a performance stage for tournaments; content production; a DJ booth for events that will utilize the facility’s rooftop party deck; high-speed fiber optic cable and video screens.
Minutes from the Pacific Ocean, The Ranch House will also be outfitted with a full kitchen and a conference room for meetings. F2K will be supported by a fully built entertainment production studio physically connected to The Ranch House as well as a corporate office on the same street.
In addition, the new F2K is excited to participate in a new franchised sports league based in Las Vegas- stay tuned for more news about this exciting new league.
A pioneer in his own right, Tyson first brought the grit, ferocity, and electrifying entertainment of sports to thrilling new heights as a young boxer. He has since transcended his career in the ring, becoming a New York Times Bestselling author, movie star, an acclaimed producer and on-stage performer, and an innovative entrepreneur.