Lil Yachty, College Athletes May Be On To Something With PlantFuel 

Hearing or reading the words “Lil Yachty” and “college athletes” in the same sentence seems to come out of left field. That is not all, though. 

Why not guess what Rapper Lil Yachty and college sports stars like Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler have in common? Cannot think of anything?

Well, Lil Yachty and college athletes surprisingly share sharp business acumen — as evidenced by their exclusive deals with the emerging brand, PlantFuel.

Two Multi-million Dollar Markets

PlantFuel is a plant-based protein workout supplement company founded by former NFL player Brad Pyatt. It’s the latest player in two of the largest markets today — the $53 billion active lifestyle market and the $7 billion plant-based food market.

With the healthy living movement showing no signs of slowing down and the rise of more inclusive food products, signing deals with brands dealing with both may be one of the best things to do financially. 

Moreover, the success of PlantFuel doesn’t seem that far off. The brand has already signed a $3.9 million initial deal with GNC. PlantFuel has since had its soft launch on the GNC online store in August 2021 and its brick and mortar stores a month after.

Aside from that, PlantFuel has also locked distribution deals with Amazon’s exclusive Launchpad Platform, The Vitamin Shoppe, and H-E-B in Texas. By all accounts, it seems all the brand needs are investors and endorsers to get its name known.

And that is exactly what Lil Yachty and college athletes recognized and capitalized on.

A-List Investor Line Up

Lil Yachty invested in the company only a month after its soft launch. He noted that funding the brand inspires him and allows him to be actively involved in it creatively instead of simply infusing money into the business.

“It’s brands like PlantFuel that inspire and allow me to stay actively involved creatively beyond just investing.” – Lil Yachty

PlantFuel has been working hard behind the scenes to attract big-name investors. Sports and Hollywood celebrities have lent their support to the business, strengthening its potential success.

Aside from Lil Yachty, NFL Hall of Famer Terrel Owens and actress Megan Fox have also thrown in their monetary support behind the brand.

Star-Studded Sponsorship Deals

Although PlantFuel has only had its soft launch recently, the brand has already offered, and signed endorsement deals with several college athletes. 

Having one of the most successful former NFL athlete entrepreneurs at its helm also helps attract more athletes to sign NIL deals with PlantFuel.

NIL deals allow college student-athletes to use their name, image, and likeness to endorse and sell a product. There has been a rising number of university athletes becoming wealthy or starting a nest egg at the young age of 20.

The three headliners of PlantFuel’s college endorsement deal list include Oklahoma QB Spencer Rattler, LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne, and Clemson defensive lineman Bryan Bresee.