Rapper Baby Tate Working To Elevate Women Artists In The Music Biz

SeeHer and Breakr have announced the creation of the “HerBigBreak” Contest, an accelerator program for female artists in the music industry. 

SeeHer leads a campaign to represent women in marketing, advertising, and media accurately. Breakr, on the other hand, is a startup tech that has a platform where emerging artists can connect directly with promoters and influencers. 

These two companies will collaborate to provide breakthrough opportunities for the top three winners of the contest.

“Through SeeHer Hear Her, we are aiming to eliminate the gender bias in music. Partnering with Breakr, who understands the power of music marketing on this accelerator program, we hope to help propel three emerging women artists into the industry. We can’t wait to see what participants accomplish,” said SeeHer’s President, Jeanine Shao Collins.


“Some of the world’s most timeless classics are sung, produced, and written by women, yet, women are still very marginalized in the music industry,” echoed Breakr’s CEO, Anthony Brown. “We saw this accelerator as an opportunity to connect our artist community with the SeeHer movement to help close this gap.”

Three winners will be selected from the contest to receive:

  • Opportunities to perform live
  • Mentorship by leading women music executives
  • Coaching and advice on how to develop influencer marketing initiatives

The list of mentors includes American rapper Baby Tate; Billboard’s Head of Marketing, Danna Droppo; Adrienne Hopkins from YouTube; Cori Gadbury from United Talent Agency; and Amber Grimes from Love Renaissance, among others.

“I’m excited to join Breakr and SeeHer in uplifting independent women artists in music. As someone who built their career independently, I know exactly how difficult it can be for women, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share what I’ve learned and help these women develop amazing careers!” – Baby Tate

Danna Droppo, also reflecting on the industry, said “at least half of the next generation of genius musicians out there right now are young women looking for a way in. What a benefit to the world it will be when the industry corrects its gender bias.”

Emerging female musicians only need to do three things to apply for this contest:

  • Post a video of their musical skill with the hashtag #HerBigBreakContest on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram.
  • Create a Breakr account.
  • Complete the online application.

You can find all the facts on the submission procedure and the accelerator program at www.musicbreakr.com/herbigbreak