Black Owned Startups Compete For Millions at Founders of Color Showcase

Next Wave Impact, a global impact investor syndicate with more than 200 investors, is proud to announce the 16 BIPOC-led startups selected as semifinalists for its third annual Founders of Color Showcase

The event will showcase black-owned startups competing for millions of dollars in funding. This is an excellent opportunity for these businesses to get their foot in the door and make a name for themselves. 

Each of these startups has something unique to offer, and they are all poised for success. This event is a significant step forward in increasing visibility for African-American businesses.

How Founders of Color Have Helped Minority-Owned Businesses

With more than 200 investors slated to attend, Founders of Color has become one of the most significant events for minority-owned businesses. 

There are over 16 BIPOC-led startups that have been selected to present their companies at the event. This occasion helps these businesses connect with investors and get the funding to grow. 

In addition, it also provides a platform for these businesses to showcase their products and services to a broader audience. This is an excellent way to get exposure and build buzz around their brands.

During the event, each startup will have the chance to present its business to a panel of investors. This allows them to potentially receive funding and get valuable feedback from people who know the industry inside and out. 

This is a big step forward regarding equality and opportunity in the business world for people of color.

Currently, African American-owned businesses receive only 9.4% of all venture capital. Founders of Color is helping to level the playing field by providing a platform for these businesses to shine. 

This event is an essential step in the right direction, and it will indeed have a lasting impact on the black-owned business community.

The Founders of Color Showcase is also working on expanding the possibility to include more cities and more businesses. This is an exciting time for the black-owned business community, and there is no doubt that Founders of Color is making a positive impact.


If you’re a black-owned business, Founders of Color is definitely an event you should look for. It’s an excellent opportunity to get funding, exposure, and feedback for your company. 

With so many investors in attendance, it’s an event worth checking out.

Founders of Color is slated to take place on May 16, 2022, in Atlantic City, N.J. and via a live stream from 4 to 6 p.m. EST.

  1. African Digital Art | Co-founder & COO  Chinedu Enekwe | Washington, D.C.
  2. AllergenIQ | Founder & CEO Nana Mireku | Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
  3. ConConnect | Founder & CEO Andre Peart | New York City, NY
  4. Enrichly | Founder & CEO Margo Jordan | Houston, TX
  5. Kadogo | Founder & CEO Quest Moffat | Kansas City, MO
  6. LAMIK Beauty | Founder & CEO Kim Roxie | Houston, TX
  7. Mars Materials | Founder & CEO Aaron Fitzgerald | San Francisco, CA
  8. Optimal Technology Corporation | Founder & CEO Reginald Parker | Austell, GA
  9. OYA Femtech Apparel | Founder & CEO Mitchella Gilbert | Los Angeles, CA
  10. Relavo | Co-Founder & CEO Sarah Lee | Baltimore, MD
  11. Sunthetics | Founder & CEO Daniela Blanco | Austin, TX
  12. TIDY App | Founder & CEO Gloria Oppong | Austin, TX
  13. UnDelay | Founder & CEO Safir Monroe | Atlanta, GA
  14. WESTxEAST | Founder & CEO Tania Kottoor | New York City, NY
  15. Youme Healthcare Inc. | Founder & CEO Hafeezah Muhammad | Baltimore, MD
  16. ZILA Works, SPC | Founder & CEO Jason Puracal | Renton, WA